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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Microwave (Pea)Nut Brittle

1 qt. (4 C) Pyrex measuring cup

Greased cookie sheet

wooden spoon w/short handle

1 ¼ C. any nuts

1 C. sugar

½ C. white Karo

1 T. oleo or butter

1 tsp. baking soda

Dump; don't stir sugar, nuts, and Karo. Put spoon in measuring cup and put cup in microwave on Hi for 4 mins.

Take out and stir. Put back in micro for 3 mins.

Take out, put in oleo. Back into micro 2 ½ mins.

Take out and stir in soda 6 or 7 times until it foams.

Pour out quickly on greased cookie sheet. Spread fast.

Place sheet up on something to cool. In 10-15 mins., lift out nut brittle and break apart.

Jean Wren, January 1991

Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

1 (12 oz.) pkg. Peanut Butter Flav. Chips

1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand

½ C. Butter or Oleo

½ C. chopped nuts

1 (6 oz.) pkg. semi-sweet choc. morsels

In large saucepan, melt peanut butter chips, 1 cup sweetened condensed milk and 2 T. butter; stir occasionally. Remove from heat; stir in nuts. Spread mixture into wax paper-lined 8" square pan. In small saucepan, melt chocolate morsels, remaining sweetened condensed milk and butter. Spread chocolate mix. on top of peanut butter mix. Chill 2 hours or until firm. Turn fudge onto cutting board; peel off paper and cut into squares. Tightly cover any leftovers.

Dette Beale, December 1991

Microwave Peanut Patty

2 C. sugar

½ C. water

½ C. Karo Syrup

Stir together and cook on high for 8 minutes. Remove and add 1 or 2 cups peanuts. Cook 4 ½ minutes more. Remove and stir. Cook 4 ½ minutes more. Remove and add 1/3 C. melted oleo, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 5 drops red food color. Stir until texture starts to change. Quickly spoon into patties.

Susan Zepeda, February 1993

Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares

1 ½ C. graham cracker crumbs

2 sticks margarine

1 box white powdered sugar

12 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate pieces

1 ½ C. peanut butter

Mix the first 3 ingredients in bowl. Melt butter and pour over mixture. Mix well and press into 13 x 9 inch pan. Melt 12 oz. pkg. chocolate pieces. Spread on top of above mixture. Cool for 45 minutes and cut into squares.

Susan Cox, November 1991

Lemon Bars


1 C. butter, melted

½ C. powdered sugar

2 C. flour

pinch of salt


4 eggs

1 tsp. baking powder

2 C. sugar

1 tsp. lemon extract

½ C. lemon juice

1 grated lemon rind

4 T. flour

Crust: Mix ingredients together. Press into 9x13x2 inch pan. Bake at 350º for 15 - 20 minutes until delicate brown.

Filling: Beat eggs, sugar, lemon juice. Sift flour and baking powdered, add. Add, Lemon extract and rind. Mix well, pour on hot crust. Return to over for 25 minutes at 350 º. Cool. Dust with powdered sugar. Cut into squares.

Susan Cox, November 1991

Party Mints

1-8 oz. pkg. cream cheese (softened)

2 boxes powdered sugar

1 tsp. peppermint flavoring food coloring (your choice)

Gradually add cream cheese to sugar. Add food coloring and peppermint. The mixture will be very stiff. Form into balls and place on waxed paper. Flatten each ball with bottom of a glass. Dust with sugar if desired.

The Four Ingredient Cookbook, Coffee & Cale, June 1994

Mrs. See’s Fudge

Put in large mixing bowl:

1 ½ C. chocolate chips

¼ # butter

1 C. chopped nuts

1 tsp. vanilla

Melt in double boiler:

10 marshmallows

1 T. water

Bring to a slow boil and boil for 6 minutes:

2 C. sugar

¾ C. evaporated milk

Pour hot mixture and hot marshmallows into bowl. Beat until melted. Pour into greased pan. Chill.

Carol Adair, June 1994

Peanut Clusters

1 # white almond bark

1-12 oz. chocolate chips

2 #'s red skinned Spanish peanuts (I use Virginia peanuts)

Melt almond bark and chocolate chips in non-stick pan. When melted, stir, add peanuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls of clusters on a cookie sheet or waxed paper.

Virginia Roberts, June 1994

Date Balls

¼ C. butter

1 C. sugar

1 - 8 oz. pkg. chopped dates

1 C. chopped pecans

1 tsp. vanilla

2 heaping C. Rice Krispies

powdered sugar or coconut

If dates are already sugared, reduce sugar by 2 tablespoons. Melt butter in a saucepan; add sugar and dates. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture forms a soft ball when dropped in cool water. This takes about 5 minutes. Remove from heat, and add pecans and vanilla. Combine with Rice Krispies, and mix well. Spread mixture on wax paper and allow to cool. Shape into small balls and roll in powdered sugar or coconut. Store in tightly covered tin or freeze.

Doris Heard, February 1995

Chocolate Fudge

2 ¼ C. sugar

¼ C. melted butter

¾ C. evaporated milk

½ - 7 oz. jar marshmallow cream

Heat quickly to boil, boil 5 minutes and remove from heat; add ½ C. chocolate chips, stir; add 1 C. pecans

Bea Cox, October 1995

Date Loaf

2 C. sugar

1 C. milk

8 oz. dates

1 C. chopped pecans

1 tsp. vanilla

1 T. butter

Cook sugar and milk to softball stage, approximately 10 minutes; add dates and bring to boil; add vanilla, butter, and pecans last. Beat and cool in cool water, form into loaf and wrap.

Patsy Malone, October 1995

Deanna’s Fudge

1 C. sugar

2 T. cocoa

½ C. milk

1 T. corn syrup

½ tsp. vanilla

1 T. butter

½ C. nuts

Combine sugar, cocoa, milk, syrup and pinch of salt in a sauce pan. Cook; stirring frequently until candy forms a soft ball when dropped into cool water. Remove from fire; add nuts, butter and vanilla. Beat until creamy. Pour on a butter plate.

Karon Elder, October 1995

English Toffee

6 T. water

2 C. sugar

When it boils add 1# butter (grade AA) boil to hard ball stage (250º); add 4 oz. almonds, 1 ½ tsp. vanilla; boil to crack stage (300º); Pour on cookie sheet with sides. Sprinkle with chocolate chips; spread as frosting. Let set 2 minutes; cut through to section it right after chocolate melts. Sprinkle top with almonds.

Grandma (Jean) Krembs, Center, TX, October 1984

White Chips Almond Fudge

1 2/3 C. (10 oz. pkg.) Hershey's Premier

2/3 C. sweetened condensed milk

White Chips(not evaporated milk)

½ tsp. vanilla extract

1 ½ C. coarsely chopped silvered almonds (toasted*)

Line 8" square pan with foil, extending foil over edges of pan. In medium saucepan over very low heat, melt white chips and condensed milk, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth. Remove from heat. Stir in almonds and vanilla. Spread into prepared pan. Cover; refrigerate 2 hours or until firm. Use foil to lift fudge out of pan; peel off foil. Cut fudge into squares. About 3 dozen pieces or 1 ½ pounds fudge.

*To toast almonds: Spread almonds on cookie sheet. Bake at 350º, stirring occasionally, 8 to 10 minutes or until lightly browned; cool.

Note: for best results, do not double this recipe.

Hershey's, October 1996

Weight Watchers Almond-Fudge Truffles

½ C. plus 2 T. unsweetened cocoa, divided

½ C. light cream cheese at room temp.

½ tsp. almond extract

1 C. sifted powdered sugar

Reserve 2 T. cocoa powder on wax paper; set aside. Combine powdered sugar, remaining cocoa powder, cream cheese and extract in food process or mixer, with motor on high speed, and process until well-blended.

Drop cream cheese mixture by rounded tablespoons in reserved cocoa powder; roll into balls and refrigerate.

Pat Bennett, November 1997

Quick Fudge

12 oz. chocolate chips

1 C. Eagle Brand milk

Mix together and pour into 8x8 pan lined with waxed paper.

Pat Bennett, November 1997

Chocolate-Dipped Delights

1 (4 oz.) package German’s sweet chocolate, 6 to 8 squares semisweet chocolate or 1 (6 square) package new premium white chocolate (Baker’s)

Assorted fruit, cookies, nuts, or pretzels

Melt chocolate in saucepan over very low heat or in microwave 1 to 2 minutes; stir until smooth. Insert toothpick into fruit to be dipped. Dip fruit, cookies, nuts or pretzels into melted chocolate, covering at least half; let excess chocolate drip off.

Let stand on wax paper-lined tray 30 minutes or until chocolate is firm. Drizzle with additional melted chocolate if desired. Store fresh fruit in refrigerator as long as two days. Store dried fruit, cookies, nuts and pretzels in airtight container. Makes about 2 dozen.

Pat Bennett, November 1997


4 ½ C. (about 1 1/3 #’s) real milk

1/3 C. heavy cream

chocolate, finely chopped

½ C. half and half

1 tsp. vanilla or 2/3 drops of almond extract

Dipping Chocolate

Melt chocolate over hot water. Combine cream and half and half; heat to scalding. Cool cream mixture to 130º. Add to melted chocolate all at once, beating until smooth and well blended. Add vanilla and blend into mixture. Chill in refrigerator until candy is firm but pliable. Beat with mixer until candy is light and fluffy then return to refrigerator until firm. Form into ¾” balls and immediately dip in chocolate. Makes about 50.

Also: Can add 16 oz. peanut butter and instead of dipping in chocolate can roll in powdered sugar.

Pat Bennett, November 1997

New York Booze Balls

1 (12 or 14 oz. Pack) Nilla Wafers, crushed fine

1 C. pecans or walnuts, chopped fine

1 C. confectioners sugar

3 T. light corn syrup

1 ½ T. cocoa

¾ C. Whiskey or Rum

Pat Bennett, December 1997


¾ C. buttermilk

2 C. sugar

2 C. pecans

¼ tsp. salt

2 T. butter 1

tsp. soda

Stir together buttermilk, sugar, pecans, salt and butter in 4 qt. microwave dish. Microwave on HI for 12 minutes, stirring every 4 minutes. Stir in soda. Microwave on HI for 1 minute. Beat mixture for 1 minute and drop by teaspoonfuls on buttered foil. Makes about 72 pieces.

“From My Kitchen” by Barbara Richardson, December 1997

Peanut Butter’n Chocolate Fudge

1-16 oz. pkg. powdered sugar

½ C. unsweetened cocoa

1 C. chunky peanut butter

¼ C. milk or light cream

1 T. vanilla

¼ tsp. salt

½ C. butter, cut into pieces

Sift together sugar and cocoa. In a 2 qt. microwaveable bowl or casserole, combine sugar mixture, peanut butter, milk, vanilla, and salt. Add butter. Microwave 2 to 4 minutes on HIGH until heated through. Stir until smooth. Pour immediately into well-buttered 8" baking pan. Chill. To serve, cut into squares. Place in container with tight-fitting lid and store in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Connie Hill, February 1997

Creamy Chocolate Fudge

1 jar marshmallow cream* 1

-12 oz. milk chocolate morsels

1 ½ C. sugar

1-6 oz. pkg. semi-sweet choc. morsels

2/3 C. evaporated milk

1 C. walnuts (pecans, if preferred)

¼ C. butter

¼ tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla

In large saucepan, combine marshmallow cream, sugar, milk, butter and salt; bring to a full boil over moderate heat, stirring constantly. Boil 5 minutes, stirring constantly, over moderate heat. Remove from heat. Add both packages chocolate morsels; stir until morsels melt and mixture is well blended. Stir in nuts and vanilla. Pour into aluminum foil-lined 8" square pan. Chill in refrigerator until firm (about 2 hours). Makes 2 ½ #'s candy.

*If using 13 oz. jar marshmallow cream, nuts may be increased to 2 cups.

Susan Cox, Nestle Toll House Chocolate Morsels, November 1995


1 stick butter

3 ¾ C. cane sugar

1 1/8 C. brown sugar

1 can filled evaporated milk

Melt to boil; cover and cook on low for 5 minutes. Remove from heat.


32 large marshmallows

12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

12 oz. milk chocolate chips

2 oz. unsweetened chocolate

Pour into greased pan.

Wendie Nanninga, January 1998

Chocolate Truffles


1 2/3 C. heavy cream

7 T. unsalted butter

1 Lb. semisweet chocolate, liqueur or extracts grated or chopped

Place cream in heavy bottomed saucepan or double boiler. Bring to a simmer.

Add butter and melt over medium heat stirring frequently. When melted turn heat up to high and let cream come just to a boil.

Remove from heat, and chocolate and stir until chocolate is completely melted and incorporated.

Continue stirring until mixture thickens and cools somewhat.

Stir in liqueur or extracts of choice, cover and refrigerate. Keep ratio of liqueur to total chocolate mixture to no more than 3 T. to one recipe. See tips.

Let mixture thicken for at least 2-4 hours, stirring 3 or 4 times during firming time.

TIP: Several different flavors of truffles can be made simultaneously by dividing chocolate mixture into 2-4 equal portions in different containers (any pot or glass baking dish will do) and stirring different liqueurs or extracts into each. Be careful to not exceed 3 T. (total) of liqueur in any one recipe of truffles or mixture will be too thin and not harden properly. i.e. 4 flavor use about 2 tsp. of each flavor; 2 flavors use 1-1 ½ T. of each flavor; 3 tsp. liqueur is approximately the same as 1 tsp. of the more concentrated extract.

Forming Truffles:

WARNING: THIS IS MESSY! • Clear space on a counter, smooth table top or marble slab and dust a small portion generously with cocoa powder. Have a bowl of cocoa powder handy to dust your palms with.

Using a teaspoon, scoop out of portions of chocolate in the size you want or to fit in small fluted paper cups (very attractive and come in a variety of sizes and colors or foil)

Roll the chocolate portions into balls either between your palms or between one palm and the counter (less messy). Roll the finished ball lightly in cocoa to prevent stickiness (See Tip); place in coverable container and refrigerate immediately.

TIP: Truffles can be served simply rolled in cocoa, chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts or coconut. These coatings will stick best if you have them ready and roll the truffles in them immediately after forming. Truffle making is easiest in cool weather!

Dipping Truffles: Choose what kind of coating you want, then dip, let harden and double dip: • Dark chocolate-buy semisweet baking chocolate and paraffin wax or melting candy; • White chocolate-buy white melting chips or white/vanilla Candyquick; • Mint-buy pale green or mint flavored melting chips or add green food coloring to white; • Other colors- same as for mint. A dark, glossy chocolate has the most professional look. After dipping and cooling. Consider drizzling another color across the top of each truffle to match the flavor (i.e. green-mint, orange-orange, red-cherry, etc.)

Cordelia Scheuermann, Truffles! Class, November 1997

Caroline’s Texas Microwave Pralines

Mix together in a large (at least 10 cups) microwave-safe bowl:

1-16 oz. box brown sugar (dark or light)

1-8 oz. carton of heavy whipping cream

1 to 2 cups whole pecans (Do not whip)

Mix the brown sugar with the unwhipped cream until there are no big lumps.

Put in the microwave, uncovered, on high for 11 to 14 minutes (we had the best luck with heating for 14 minutes).

Carefully remove the hot bowl and stir in 1 stick of softened butter (or cut into 8-10 pats) until blended and 1 to 2 cups pecans ( I think the more the better). Let it sit for a minute or so to thicken a little, then drop by tablespoonfuls onto foil or waxed paper. Let cool.

Heloise, January 2001

Baked Fudge

4 eggs

2 C. sugar

1 C. melted butter

½ C. flour

½ C. cocoa

1 C. chopped nuts

2 tsp. vanilla

Cream eggs and sugar, add melted butter, sift flour and cocoa together and add to mixture, add nuts and vanilla. Pour into 9 x 10 inch greased pan. Set in a pan of hot water and bake at 325º for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until crusty on top and soft inside. Serve warm with scoop of ice cream and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Serve 8 to 12.

Favorite dessert in the Tea Room, Victorian Sampler at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Given to me by my Mother-in-law, Bea Cox from her friend Betty Taylor, August 2001

Mayor Newman’s Pralines

Step by Step:


You will need a candy thermometer, 4 full cups of broken (toasted) pecan pieces. On the area where you will pour out the pralines, line the area with paper towels or newspaper and cover with wax paper. Use a large pot (I use a 3 quart pressure cooker) - a heavier container with a handle makes it easier to spoon out the pralines.


1 C. of buttermilk (I find the “fat free” is not as good)

2 sticks of butter or margarine

3 C. of white sugar

pinch of salt

1 tsp. of soda

2 T. of white Karo (corn) syrup

1 tsp. vanilla


Mix all ingredients except vanilla and pecans; cook over medium heat (on my electric burner I set it between 6 & 7)

Bring to “soft ball” stage (You can stir after it begins to boil and watch that it does not boil over.)

After it reaches “soft ball” stage, remove from heat and add vanilla

Stir for 3-5 minutes and then add your pecans.

Continue to stir and watch for the mixture to begin to thicken or take on a “cloudy” look.

To see if the mixture is ready to spoon up, place a spoon of mixture on the wax paper - if it looks clear or seems “runny” continue to stir.

Once it begins to set up, you must spoon out quickly. I use a soup spoon and have 2 ready (sprayed with Pam) to spoon up the pralines.

Mayor Newman made the BEST pralines. She died this last year and will be missed greatly along with her pralines. I'm very honored that she would share her recipe with me.

Mayor Evelyn Newman, December 2002

Crock Pot Candy

1-1 lb. Jar of Unsalted Peanuts

1-1 lb. Jar of Salted Peanuts

12 oz. Pkg. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

4 oz. Bar of Bakers German Chocolate

3 lbs. White Almond Bark

Layer in large crockpot ending with white chocolate; cook on low for 3 hours. After 3 hours mix well and spoon out onto wax paper; let cool and ENJOY!

Karolyn Gephart, December 2003

Microwave Fudge

1 lb. box powdered sugar

½ C. cocoa

¼ C. milk

½ C. butter or margarine

1 T. vanilla

½ C. pecans, chopped

Blend sugar and cocoa into 8x8” casserole. Top with butter. Pour milk over butter. DO NOT STIR! Microwave on high power (100%) for 2 minutes. Stir well, Add vanilla and nuts, and stir until blended. Refrigerate until set. Freezes well. This may be made in a bowl and placed into a buttered pan if desired.

Susan Cox, December 2005

Mama’s Fudge

Melt together:

1 can Eagle Brand Milk

12 oz. pkg. chocolate chips


1 T. butter

1 tsp. Vanilla

Blend well and put aside until set.

Karon Elder, December 2005

Toasted Pecan Clusters (these are addictive!!)

Melt 3 T. butter in jelly roll pan at 300º (I used 1 T. per cup of pecans)

Coat 3 C. pecans (I usually use 6 C.) with melted butter and put back in oven and stir every 10 minutes for 30 minutes.

Melt 24 oz. package chocolate bark to coat pecans; drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper and let set.

Karon Elder, December 2005

Big Mama Fudge

1 box powdered sugar

¼ C. milk

1 T. vanilla

½ C. cocoa

1 stick oleo or butter

½ C. chopped nus

Dump sugar, milk, cocoa and butter into microwave-safe mixing bowl. No need to stir. Cook uncovered on high for 2 minutes. Stir well. Add vanilla and nuts and cook 3 minutes on high. Stir well until stiff and pour into buttered pie place. Let harden, cut into pieces and ENJOY!!

Susan Cox, December 2005

Microwave Divinity

3 C. sugar

½ C. light Karo

2/3 C. water

¼ tsp. salt

2 egg whites

¼ tsp. vanilla

1 C. chopped pecans

In an 8 cup microwave bowl, combine sugar, Karo, and water. Microwave on high 17 to 19 minutes until hardball stage 260º. Add salt to egg whites in a large mixing bowl and beat on high speed until stiff peaks form. Slowly pour syrup in a thin stream into egg whites beating constantly until mixture loses its gloss and thickens, about 4 or 5 minutes. Stir in vanilla and nuts. Drop at once by spoonfuls onto foil.

Susan Cox, January 1989

English Toffee Candy

1 ½ C. chopped pecans

3-4 plain Hershey bars, broken

1 C. sugar

3 T. water

2 sticks butter

1 T. light Karo syrup

Spread chopped nuts on foil covered cookie sheet. Break Hershey bars and set aside.

On stove using high setting, mix sugar, butter, water and Karo syrup. Stirring constantly, boil to a hard crack 150º/300º. Immediately pour over nuts. Cover with Hershey bars. When chocolate is soft spread. Allow entire mixture to cool and chocolate to harden. Break apart.

Amaretto Fudge

1 (12 oz.) pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand milk

¼ C. Amaretto

1 tsp. almond flavoring

¾ C. slivered or sliced almonds. Mix chocolate chips and milk in a bowl, cover loosely and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Stir until smooth then add flavorings. Pour into a greased 8” square pan that has been sprinkled with the almonds. Let cool and cut into 1” squares.

Susan Cox, December 2005

Baked Fudge

4 eggs

2 C. sugar

1 C. butter, melted

½ C. flour

½ C. cocoa

1 C. chopped nuts

2 tsp. vanilla

Cream eggs and sugar, add melted butter, sift flour and cocoa together and add to mixture, add nuts and vanilla. Pour into 9 x 10 inch greased pan. Set in a pan of hot water and bake at 325º for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until crusty on top and soft inside. Serve warm with scoop of ice cream and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Serves 8 to 12

Favorite dessert in the Tea Room (Victorian Sampler) at Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Microwave Peanut Brittle

1 C. sugar

1 C. raw peanuts

½ C. white Karo

Cook 4 minutes on high in 1 ½ qt. bowl, take out and stir; cook 4 more minutes on high.


1 tsp. butter

1 tsp. vanilla

Cook another 1 ½ minutes

Remove and add ¾ tsp. soda, stir and spread in butter dish to harden.

Bea Cox, December 2008

Peanut Patties

2 ½ C. sugar

2/3 C. white Karo

1 C. milk

2 C. raw peanuts

In large sauce pan cook 1 hour to soft ball stage; remove from heat and add:

4 tsp. butter

1 C. powdered sugar

3 drops red food coloring

Mix and drop on wax paper.

Bea Cox, December 2008

Baby Ruth Bars

1 1/3 C. margarine

2 C. brown sugar

1/3 C. white corn syrup

8 C. oatmeal

2 tsp. vanilla

½ C. peanut butter

Melt margarine. Add brown sugar, syrup, peanut butter, oatmeal and vanilla. Put in 9x13 cake pan.

Bake 350º for about 15 minutes.


6 oz. pkg. chocolate chips

½ 6 oz. pkg. butterscotch chips

2/3 C. peanut butter

1 C. chopped nuts/peanuts

Melt together and spread on top. Cut into bars when cool.

Almond Joy Bars


4 C. (8 ½ oz) shredded coconut

¼ C. Light corn syrup

1 pkg. (11 ½ oz) milk chocolate pieces

¼ C. vegetable shortening

26 Whole natural almonds (1 oz.)

Line two large cookie sheets with waxed paper. Set large wire cooling rack on paper; set aside.

Place coconut in large bowl; set aside.

Place corn syrup in a 1 cup glass measure. Microwave on high (100%) 1 minute or until syrup boils. Immediately pour over coconut. Work warm syrup into coconut using the back of a wooden spoon until coconut is thoroughly coated. This takes a little time, and yes, there is enough syrup.

Using 1 level measuring tablespoon of coconut, shape into a ball by squeezing coconut firmly in palm of one hand, then rolling between both palms. (HINT: Measure out all of the coconut then roll into balls.) Place 2 inches apart on wire racks. Let dry 10 minutes. Reroll coconut balls so there are no loose ends of coconut sticking up.

Place milk chocolate and shortening in a 4 cup glass measure or 1 ½ quart microwave−safe bowl. Microwave on high 1 to 2 minutes or until mixture can be stirred smooth and is glossy; stirring once or twice.

Working quickly, spoon 1 level measuring tablespoon of the chocolate over each coconut ball, making sure chocolate coats and letting excess chocolate drip down onto waxed paper.

While chocolate coating is still soft, lightly press whole almond on top of each. Let stand to set or place in refrigerator. Store in a single layer in airtight container. Keeps best if refrigerated. Makes 26.

Almond Bark

1 C. Whole blanched almonds

1 tsp. Butter

1 lb. White chocolate

This is a microwave recipe. Place almonds and butter in a 9−inch glass pie plate. Cook on high (max. power) 4 to 5 ½ minutes, or until almonds are toasted, stirring twice during cooking. Set aside. Place chocolate in large microwave proof mixing bowl and cook on high (max. power) 2 ½ to 3 minutes, or until softened. Stir in almonds and pour onto waxed paper lined baking sheet. Spread to desired thickness and refrigerate until set. Break into serving size pieces. Makes 1 ½ lbs. (approx.)


1 C. Peanut Butter

1/3 C. light corn syrup

1 C. sugar

1/3 C. water

Melted Milk Chocolate

Cook syrup, sugar, and water to 310º.

Remove from heat.

Stir in warmed peanut butter (warm slightly in microwave) until well blended.

Pour into a greased (buttered) 8" X 8" pan.

Score mixture into desired size bars.

When COMPLETELY cool, dip in melted milk chocolate (use a double boiler to SLOWLY melt) and set on wax paper until chocolate has hardened.

Cadbury Eggs

½ C.light corn syrup

¼ C. butter, softened

1 tsp. vanilla

¼ tsp. salt

3 C. powdered sugar

4 drops yellow food coloring

2 drops red food coloring

1 − 12 oz. bag milk chocolate chips

2 T. shortening

Combine corn syrup, butter, vanilla and salt in large bowl. Beat well with electric mixer. Add sugar, one cup at a time, mixing by hand after each addition. Remove about 1/3 of the mix and place in small bowl. Add yellow & red coloring and stir. Cover both mixes and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

When mixes are firm, roll a small ball from the orange filling and wrap around it a portion of the white filling that is twice that size. Form into the shape of an egg and place onto a cookie sheet that has been brushed with shortening. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Refrigerate 3−4 hrs. Combine chocolate chips with shortening in glass bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Then stir and microwave another minute. Use a fork to dip each center into the chocolate. Place candy onto wax paper to dry. After 1−2 hours of chilling, dip each candy one more time and chill.

Candy Corn

1 C. sugar

2/3 C. white corn syrup

1/3 C. butter

1 tsp. vanilla

2 ½ C. powdered sugar

¼ tsp. salt

1/3 C. powdered milk food coloring (optional)

Combine sugar, butter, and corn syrup in pan and bring to a boil stirring CONSTANTLY. Turn heat low and boil 5 minutes. Stir occasionally. Remove from heat and add vanilla. In a separate dish, combine powdered sugar, salt, and powdered milk. Add all at once to the mixture in the pan. Add food coloring if desired. Stir until cool enough to handle. Shape into creative pieces.

Eatmore Bars

1 C. peanut butter

1 C. corn syrup

½ C. chocolate chips

1 C. brown sugar

¾ C. peanuts

½ C. sesame seeds

1 ½ C. rice krispies

½ C. sunflower seeds (raw, shelled)

Simmer peanut butter, corn syrup, chocolate chips, and brown sugar together for 8−10 minutes. Mix in remaining ingredients. Press onto cookie sheet.

Cool and cut into bars. Do NOT put in fridge as they'll become too hard.

Goo Goo Clusters

1 large bag miniature marshmallows

1 bag chocolate chips

2 C. dry roasted peanuts

1 can Eagle Brand milk

2 tsp. butter

Melt chocolate chips in pan with Eagle Brand milk. While this is heating, mix marshmallows and peanuts in a large bowl. Pour melted mixture over nuts and marshmallows. Mix together. Pour in buttered pan. Chill 2 hours and cut.

Heath Bar Candy

½ lb. Butter

1 C. Sugar

½ C. Nuts, finely chopped

1/3 C. Chocolate chips

Combine first 3 ingredients and boil, stirring constantly until it thickens and looks like a brown paper bag. Pour on greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. Let melt and spread smooth over the mixture. Let cool and harden. Break into pieces.

Kit Kat Bars

Ritz Crackers

1 ½ C. graham crackers, crushed

¾ C. brown sugar

1 C. white sugar

¾ C. butter or margarine

1/3 C. milk

1 C. butterscotch chips

1 C. semisweet chocolate chips

¾ C. peanut butter

Put graham crackers, brown sugar, white sugar, butter and milk into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes.

Put a layer of crackers in a 9x13 inch pan and pour 1/2 of the mixture over it. Put another layer of crackers and pour the remaining mixture. Add one last row of crackers.

Melt, over low heat, the butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. When melted, spread evenly over the top.

When cool, cut into desired bars or squares.

Pay Day Candy Bars

5 caramel squares

¼ C. milk

1 tsp. peanut butter

1 T. corn syrup

½ tsp. vanilla

½ tsp. salt

1 ¼ C. powdered sugar

20 caramel squares

1 T. water

2 C. dry roasted peanuts (slightly crushed)

Combine the first six ingredients in a sauce pan. Cook over low heat until the caramel has melted and stirs smooth. Add ¾ cup powdered sugar and stir to mix in. Reserve the remaining sugar.

Turn heat to medium high. Using a candy thermometer, cook caramel mixture until exactly 230º while stirring often. Remove from heat, let cool for a few minutes, and add remaining powdered sugar. Use a hand mixer to beat in the sugar for a couple minutes. Let candy cool for 20 minutes. Divide candy into eight equal pieces and form each into 4 inch logs. Place on wax paper and let cool for one hour.

In a double boiler, add remaining caramels and water. Melt until smooth. Remove from heat, but keep hot water under the caramel so it doesn't firm up. Use a pastry brush to coat one of the logs with hot caramel. Roll in peanuts in a shallow dish. If any spots are not completely covered in peanuts, apply more caramel and stick back in peanuts. Repeat with the remaining logs. Allow to cool completely before eating.

See's Fudge Candy

4 ½ C. Sugar

3 pkgs. Chocolate chips (12 oz. each)

½ # Margarine

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 can Evaporated milk

7 oz. Marshmallow cream

2 C. Nuts

Mix 4 ½ cups sugar with one (1) can evaporated milk. Boil 7 to 8 minutes, stirring often. (rolling boil) Mix together in a large bowl; 3 packages chocolate chips, 7 oz. jar marshmallow cream, ½ lb. melted margarine.

Cream margarine and marshmallow together and add chocolate chips. Pour hot mixture over chocolate mixture. After chocolate has melted, add 2 cups of nuts and 1 tsp. of vanilla, blend well, pour into buttered pans and chill in refrigerator. Cut into squares before firm.

This recipe makes about 5 lbs of fudge.

Snickers Candy Bar

¼ C. light corn syrup

2 T. butter

1 T. vanilla extract

1/8 C. peanut butter

½ tsp. salt

3 C. powdered sugar

35 individual Kraft caramels

1 C. dry roasted unsalted peanuts

1-12 oz. bag milk−chocolate chips

With the mixer on high speed, combine the corn syrup, butter, vanilla, peanut butter, and salt until creamy. Slowly add the powdered sugar.

When the mixture has the consistency of dough, remove it from the bowl with your hands and press it into a lightly greased 9x9−inch pan. Put in the refrigerator.

Melt the caramels in a small pan over low heat. When the caramel is soft, mix in the peanuts. Pour the mixture over the refrigerated nougat in the pan. Let this cool in the refrigerator.

When the refrigerated mixture is firm, melt the chocolate over low heat in a double boiler or in a microwave oven set on high for 2 minutes.

Stir halfway through cooking time. When the mixture in the pan has hardened, cut it into 2x1−inch sections. Set each chunk onto a fork and dip into the melted chocolate. Tap the fork against the side of the bowl or pan to knock off any excess chocolate. Then place the chunks on waxed paper to cool at room temperature, or refrigerate for quicker cooling.

Tootsie Rolls

1 C. Sugar

½ C. light corn syrup

2 T. shortening

4 tsp. cocoa

2 T. evaporated milk

½ tsp. vanilla

In a bowl, combine sugar, shortening and cocoa. Mix well, and pour into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then simmer until temperature reaches 275º (you will need a candy thermometer).

Allow to cool for about ten minutes; add the evaporated milk and vanilla. Use an electric mixer to beat until very thick. Scrape candy onto a lightly greased cookie sheet and allow to cool.

When cool, mold pieces into desired size and shape.

Twix Bars

35 individual Kraft caramels

¼ C. water

1 box Nabisco Lorna Doone shortbread (about 40)

2-12 oz. bags milk chocolate chips

Combine the caramels with the water in a small pan and melt over low heat. Place the shortbread cookies side by side on an ungreased cookie sheet. Spoon a small amount of caramel onto each cookie.

Refrigerate cookies until the caramel is firm.

In the meantime, in a double boiler over low heat, melt the chocolate chips. You may also use the microwave for melting the chocolate.

Just heat the chips for 1 minute on high, stir, then heat for another minute.

Remove the cookies from the refrigerator. Rest each one on a fork and dip it into the chocolate. Tap the fork on the side of the pan or bowl to knock off any excess chocoloate. Then place each one on a sheet of waxed paper and let them cool at room temperature (65−70ºF).

This could take several hours, but the bars will set best this way.

If you want to speed up the process, put the candy in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Walnettos Caramels

2 C. brown sugar

2 C. white sugar

¾ lb. butter

16 oz. bottle white Karo syrup

1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

2 tsp. vanilla

1 C. chopped walnuts (optional)

Put the above ingredients in 4 quart cooking kettle except vanilla and nuts.

Bring to 245º on candy thermometer. Remove from heat, add vanilla and nuts. Pour onto greased jelly roll pan, 12"x17". Let cool naturally. When cool cut into squares with kitchen shears and wrap individually in non−stick wax paper.

York Peppermint Patties

1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 tablespoon peppermint extract green or red food coloring, optional

6 C. confectioners' sugar

Additional confectioners' sugar

1-16 oz. bag semi−sweet chocolate chips

In large mixer bowl, combine Eagle Brand, extract and food coloring if desired. Add 6 cups sugar; beat on low speed until smooth and well blended.

Turn mixture onto surface sprinkled with confectioners sugar. Knead lightly to form smooth ball. Shape into 1−inch balls. Place 2 inches apart on wax paper−lined baking sheets. Flatten each ball into a 1 ½−inch patty. Let dry 1 hour or longer; turn over and let dry at least 1 hour. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave set on high for 2 minutes. Stir halfway through the heating time. Melt thoroughly, but do not overheat. Melting the chocolate chips can also be done using a double−boiler over low heat. With fork, dip each patty into warm chocolate (draw fork lightly across rim of pan to remove excess coating). Invert onto wax paper−lined baking sheets; let stand until firm. Store covered at room temperature or in refrigerator.

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