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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Emily’s Crab Salad

1 (8 oz.) box small Shell macaroni

1 (16 oz.) pkg. imitation crabmeat, bite-size pieces

8-10 oz. baby sweet or petite frozen peas

1 C. mayonnaise

1 T. dill weed (we aren’t fans of dill, so I will probably not use)

1 hard-boiled egg, sliced (opt.)

  • Cook the macaroni according to directions on the box. Rinse the cooked macaroni with cold water and drain. In a large mixing bowl, combine the macaroni, crabmeat and peas. Gently fold in mayonnaise and dill. If desired, you can add more mayonnaise or dill. Garnish with hard-boiled egg.
  • Or combine crabmeat, peas, mayonnaise and dill. Stuff cooked large shell macaroni with crab mixture and serve as an appetizer.

“Spurs in the Kitchen” Cookbook

Pretzel Salad


8 oz. pg. pretzels, crushed

¾ C. margarine, melted

¼ C. sugar

Jell-O Filling:

1 box strawberry Jell-O

1 C. strawberries, sliced


1 C. cream, whipped

½ C. sugar

8 oz. cream cheese

Preheat oven to 350º. For Crust: Crush pretzels and mix in melted margarine and sugar. Press into 9x13” pan and bake at 350º for 10 minutes. Let cool. For Filling: Make Jell-o according to package directions and add in cut strawberries. Let Jell-O firm a little and pour over pretzel crust. Cover and refrigerate until Jell-O is firm. For Topping: In mixer, cream the cream cheese and sugar together and fold in the whipped cream (You can used Cool Whip too!) Spread over firm Jell-O layer. Yield: 12 servings.

Note: The recipe says that this is a salad but it makes a great dessert.

“Spurs in the Kitchen” Cookbook

Frozen Fruit Salad

8 oz. cream cheese

¾ C. sugar

16 oz. Cool Whip

16 oz. frozen strawberries, sliced

1 sm. Can crushed pineapple, drained

3 bananas, sliced

1 C. pecans, chopped

Mix cream cheese, sugar and Cool Whip together until well blended. Add in strawberries, pineapple, bananas and pecans. Put mixture into sprayed glass container and freeze for several hours. Take out about 15 minutes before serving.

“Spurs in the Kitchen” Cookbook

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